Unified Solutions Inc. was founded by Julian Johnson in October 2017 after respected mentors encouraged him to form his own company based on his knowledge, skillset, and experience in helping emerging leaders accomplish a greater sense of effortless leadership while navigating their career and personal growth.

Unified Solutions has supported leaders in Silicon Valley-based startups like Scribd and Twitch to top Fortune companies such as UnitedHealth Group, Amazon and Wells Fargo with their people, performance and portfolios in an increasingly complex global market. After Unified Solutions was formed, Julian found he had an affinity for leading people through complex and stressful environments while modeling urgency in a way that gave resolute and effective guidance.


Unified Solution's value-add is a developed business acumen for a myriad of industries from healthcare to tech accompanied with systems thinking needed to navigate complex technologies. Specializing in individual and team gap analysis; their programs provide the tools necessary to bridge gaps between individuals and teams, allowing them to perform to full potential.


"Bridging the gaps between disparate or underperforming teams became my bread and butter, whereas the strategic framework and holistic coaching methodology became the tools in my toolbelt."


Unified Solutions offers several plans depending on the type and level of support desired. See our specific plans to learn more about how you can champion your company into a more effective environment, functioning to full potential.


"When organizations develop positive, virtuous cultures they achieve significantly higher levels of organizational effectiveness — including financial performance, customer satisfaction, productivity, and employee engagement."

– Emma Seppälä and Kim Cameron, Harvard Business Review


Certified with the International Coach Federation (ICF), Unified Solutions adheres to the globally recognized code of ethics.


Julian has been recognized as one of the Top Leadership Coaches by Coach Foundation.”

In over 21 years as a lifelong learner and bridge-builder, I've helped executives and their teams, entrepreneurs and many emerging leaders. Two of the most simple words in the English dictionary are incredibly powerful when used together. Those words are, “know thyself." Self awareness is a key focus and theme in Unified Solutions' coaching and consulting programs. It is the foundation for how we've helped people and organizations reach strategic goals.


My coaching and consulting is holistic in nature – I've helped leaders at Twitch, Amazon, LinkedIn, UNUM, Scribd better utilize their people and resources to drive performance. I've provided consulting services to UnitedHealth Group, Wells Fargo, and Lifetouch to help them accomplish fast-paced initiatives such as mergers, agile transformation and compliance.


The Fortune 5 company I help is no more important than the high-growth startups I serve.


I've helped mid-sized companies build a bridge between individual and team, and executives of top healthcare, engineering and tech companies improve their bottom line.


It is clear to me that results are driven by a combination of effective assessments and objective inquires; leaders uncover blind spots, change behaviors and ultimately improve business. Book a chat or Zoom

with me to learn how you can acquire meaningful results for long term success.

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