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My name is Julian Johnson

A little about myself:

🎯Coaching Focus:  Business, Leadership, Team and Group Coaching

🧩Coaching Style:  Open, Direct, Honest, Holistic, Pragmatism over Theoretical, Laser-Focused Coaching Framework

👨‍🎨Coaching Philosophy: Coaching is a listening technology, create space for client to communicate openly. No subtle or hidden agendas (formulaic coaching), recommend and utilize most relevant tools fit for purpose.

🎓Coaching Education:  Certified Holistic Life, Career and Executive Coach - Goal Imagery® Institute, International School of Coaching Mastery™

 🎓Practitioner Certification:  Professional Certified Coach (PCC) ​- International Coaching Federation (ICF)

📜Certified & Experienced Workplace/Leadership Assessments:

  • Leadership 360 Assessment Debrief w/ Development Planning

  • High Performance Trait Indicator (HPTI)

  • AgileBrain Emotional/Motivational Needs Certified Practitioner

  • Positive Psychology Life Navigation Assessment

  • Five Factor Analysis (Big Five Traits) Assessment

  • and more

📚Background:  A passionate Group Facilitator and Leadership Development Coach. He has over 17 years of experience challenging the status quo in organizations; prioritizing strategy across borders and aligning its execution through high performing teams. He became fluent in leading from the Business and Technology perspectives in that created value for every industry he consulted. Heralded for having a deep grasp of communication frameworks and a knack for adapting heuristics to the needs in real time. Four years of Board leadership within a large, international professional development organization and experience as a director of a regional operations executive peer board. Two years as an adjunct professor at local state University totaling over 20 years of diverse experience to draw upon including leadership through military combat.  He named the company Unified Solutions as a way of operating, taking a multidisciplined approach illuminates the most options for moving forward.

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Our Coach Selection Criteria

Trusted Practitioners - More than a Certification

We continually update our bench of business, executive and leadership coaches to support client and leader needs in locations including, multiple regions across US, Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia and more.

In order for coach practitioners to be considered for our selection pool  our coach onboarding process includes background checks and vetting for having met four (4) criteria for training, certification and experience to be considered for matching, which are:

1 / 500+ hours coaching experience supporting sponsored or independent clients with endorsements of development outcomes
2 / 125+ hours of coach-specific or equivalent training from an accredited coach training provider
3 / Bio’s made available detailing coaching niche, approach and experiences*
4 / Track record of successful workplace and/or academic experience for 15 or more years

*Coach bio's are made available during onboarding process and are matched based on availability, program specifications, and engagement requirements. 

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