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What is Coaching?  

Coaching is an ongoing partnership between coach and client designed to improve and enhance quality of life. Coaches are trained to listen, observe, and adapt their approach to individual client needs. They believe that answers to challenges are found within the client and support that client in discovering and implementing their own solutions.

Coaching is NOT solution-focused. At times, I may draw upon my background as an entrepreneur, consultant and/or teacher, if helpful to provide additional perspective.  

Coaching is a catalyzing relationship that accelerates the process of great performance; it’s about individuals and/or organizations identifying a clear purpose and living out of that purpose.


My Promises To You:


As your coach I will...

  1. come to each of your sessions focused only on you and your agenda; actively listen to you - to what you say and what you don't say, upholding the highest professional standards & ethics; believe in you and your abilities.

  2. reflect back for you various aspects of your perceptions of your business, role, and social dynamics to help you more effectively navigate sticky situations.

  3. be truthful with you, even though you may not always want to hear it; I'll risk being wrong.

  4. provide you with the tools, resources, and structure you need to set objectives & meet goals.

  5. acknowledge, recognize, and celebrate your efforts along the way.

  6. be accountable.

  7. work with you for “discovery,” not “recovery.”

  8. provide support and feedback and keep you focused so you can identify barriers and work through them.

  9. expect you to strive for excellence in all that you do and expect you to interpret mistakes as opportunities for growth and learning.

  10. help you feel empowered to use your full potential & discover a happy, fulfilling, and balanced life.

Sound good? If so, then continue on to see which program you are most interested in discussing and book a best time for you and I to have an honest chat about where you are on your personal and/or business journey. We will go through a short series of question to determine if there is a fit (based on availability due to limited slots).


 I encourage you to check out our list of clients and testimonials!



A guy holding hand

Executive & Leadership Development Coaching


Audience: Entrepreneurs, Seasoned or Emerging Leaders 

People Clapping

People Development Programs

Audience: HR / Talent Dev. Leaders

Businessman in Suit

Laser Focused - Situational Coaching

Audience: Open to all

Coaching Programs
Membership Plans
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Individual and Corporate Coaching

Description: Bi-weekly sessions, 45 - 55 mins. via Zoom with priority scheduling

  • Minimum of 3 months 

  • Experience unscripted coaching and a real partner in your success

  • Free access to and facilitation of tools & resources on top personal and work challenges available by category

  • Video/Call/Text/Email unlimited access to coach 

  • Book a free Discovery call and complete the Intake form to get started


90 Day Seasonal Plan



Every month

Short-term support for long-term impact

Valid for 3 months

Leadership Development Coaching & Resources

360 and/or Select Self Assessment Debrief

Accountability on Actions

Best Value

180 Day Seasonal



Every month

180 days of unlimited coaching support

Valid for 6 months

Talent Enhancement Consultation

Leadership & Consulting Mentorship

Leadership Development Coaching

Holistic Corporate & Life Debrief

Corporate Membership


Unlimited access to coaching for up to 12 managers a year

Valid for one year

Power 10

Power 25

Power 50

Leadership & Consulting Mentorship

Leadership Development Coaching

Talent Enhancement Consultation


The Effortless Team Builder™
People Clapping

People Development Programs - Partner Referrals

Description: Leading E-Learning/Talent Development/Corporate Programs referral partners


  • Support key transitions: Leaders recently promoted to new roles and/or with increasing responsibilities.

  • Invest in high potential employees: Develop, engage and retain their best potential; build their leadership bench.

  • Complement your DEI programs: Invest in the development, retention, and promotion of underrepresented talent.

  • Amplify internal learning programs: Extend and integrate internal L&D programs or Torch-delivered trainings on key leadership competencies.

  • Personalize senior leader development: Strategic behavioral skill building for critical senior leadership roles.



  • In partnership with the world’s top business schools, to provide enterprise leadership development solutions that create a diverse pool of future-ready leaders.

The Results Optimizer™
Businessman in Suit

Laser Focused - Situational Coaching

Description: One (1) 30 min. session.  Reserved for busy professionals and individuals

  • For situations requiring IMMEDIATE assistance

  • Perfect for those with unpredictable schedules 

  • Great way to gauge effectiveness of coaching for your needs

  • No contracts, no hassles, no bloated processes

  • Confidential, safe, objective

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