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Federal Capabilities Statement

Unified Solutions Inc is an SBA Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business and a strategic partner providing right-sized, structured 1:1 and group program leadership coaching, training, executive meeting facilitation and consulting solutions to individuals, teams and enterprises.


611430 - Professional Development Training
541612 - Personnel Management & Employee Talent Assessment Consulting Services
541611 - Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services

611420 - Online Software Application Training


State Certifications

Our Offerings

Individual coaching

Professional and Personalized coaching ensures new learnings and skills are applied, leading to lasting impact.  Our coaching draws upon real-world leadership experiences, modernized and scientific-based tools, exercises and techniques.  Strong adherence to industry Code of Ethics, confidentiality and jurisdictional data privacy standards. 

Group coaching

Structured, expertly-led guided experiences around common leadership themes focused on developing novel strategies for success.

Progress tracking & accountability

Pre/During/Post assessments with customized tools and exercises to help individuals and groups stay on track.  Confidential, aggregated reporting on group's performance.  


Planning, Refining, Implementing your strategy through increased autonomous operations with proper tools and guidance.  We're experienced to support change management, project management and organizational development needs.

Past Performance

March 2023

August 2022

January 2020

October 2017

[Subcontract] with ExecOnline Coaching Operations Team

  • Provides expert leadership coaching and group facilitation sessions to corporate graduates of Advanced Leadership courses from top business schools globally.

  • Support leaders for 3, 6 months, or unlimited engagements and 60 minute group sessions addressing issues navigating key business priorities and personal leadership goals.

Performance Data:

  • 100+ hours of leadership & group coaching across 10 organizations.

  • 100+ interventions, exercises, or tools administered for "core" leadership themes covered include; Manager Essentials, Conflict Resolution, Collaborating on Projects, Operating Strategically, Driving Performance, Inclusive Leadership, Building Resilience and more.

[Subcontract] with professional membership organization COO Forum®  as Chapter Director / Group Facilitator

  • Monthly recruitment, coaching and facilitation of emerging trends and issues for Operational executives of mid-tier and large businesses conducting business in Minnesota.

[Subcontract] with Torch (see profile) Coaching Operations Team

  • Provides 360 Leadership Assessment debrief, Goal development, and custom leadership development program support to emerging and executive leaders.

  • Support leaders for 3, 6 months, or unlimited engagements identified has high potentials, DEIB, culture ambassadors, or Founders committed to growing through corporate and personal goals

Performance Data:

  • 400+ hours of leadership coaching & 360 debriefs across 50 organizations, all industries and leadership levels.

  • Historical overall feedback score from clients of 5.00 out of 5.00 and NPS rating of 100. 

  • Rolling 6 month satisfaction score of 4.4

Founded Unified Solutions Inc. and Julian appointed President

  • Provide Independent Contractor support for mid-tier and top fortune businesses.

  • Supported organizational change, merger & acquisition implementation, systems development, business transformation, and regulatory compliance initiatives providing execution discipline expertise and strategic planning.

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