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Interview: Katie Weiss - Sales Leader

How would you describe who you are and what you do?

So I am I'm Katie Weiss and I lead a team of account executives and client solutions managers at LinkedIn. Within our marketing solutions division, been in seat for about a year and a half within this role. Prior to that, I worked I've been at LinkedIn for almost five years, but prior to my moving over to marketing solutions, I led a team of relationship managers still within sales, within our sales solutions division. Prior to that, spent most of my career in in sales and some capacity or operations.

What was going on, what where were you at when you we're introduced or looking at coaching at this for this iteration?

What led you to select me as your coach and what surprised or stood out to you about my coaching, if anything?

Were there any results or mindset shifts from our time that you felt helped to amplify you as a leader?

Did this coaching help improve other areas of your life in any material sense?

Would you mind sharing an idea on what stands out to you as important elements to evaluating the timing and type of coach to partner?

What was your experience with the process of coaching itself?

Anything else you’d like to share or want people to know?

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